Several years ago, my husband and I were desperately seeking to find someone, anyone, who could help me with my medical condition that was slowly strangling the life out of me.   At one point, our search took us to the RIM center in Detroit where we met with one of the doctors who had developed a new infusion pain pump.  The doctor sailed into our examination room, drafted by several interns, flipped through my chart, discussed my problems with the interns, announced that my `condition’ was going to kill me, and abruptly left.

Stunned, I choked back sobs while my husband patted my back, trying to reassure me when someone knocked on the door.  One of the interns poked her head in and slipped into the room.  She apologized for the unfortunate comment and immediately turned the conversation around to put a positive spin on the situation.  I mopped up my tears, listening as she suggested several other directions and doctors to try.

Hope springs eternal and this intern provided me with that last straw to grasp as I struggled forward.  Ami and I stayed in contact, discussing new pain control techniques, weighing my treatment options and eventually when I found a doctor who could and did help me reclaim my life, I wanted her to meet him.

I have met dozens and dozens of doctors over the years and regretfully have found many of them lacking in knowledge, talent and skill.  When I do find that special doctor, like Ami, I want them on my team and as a friend.  It’s that invaluable, remarkable combination of training, experience and compassion that will make her a very successful doctor.  My doctor.

Thanks Ami,